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Imbalances, physical as well as psychic, tied to displacement, underpin the whole of my artistic reflection.  Longitude anchors this problematic in the Seychelles Archipelago. Through this exhibition, I hope to contribute to the emergence of an Imaginary Patrimony.

A meaningful commitment in this relatively new country.

My eye caught the vulnerability of manmade buildings in the face of nature.

In the Seychelles Islands, luxuriant vegetation and the ocean never cease to demonstrate their majestic domination over concrete.  In Curieuse, concrete is always in rupture whereas water and wind give structure.

Water constantly rises and redefines the landscape; I move the skyline from one sculpture to another, from one engraving to the next.

I approach the landscape through the object.  I evoke the great crossings, these great gaps in the landscape.

I do not provide series..but I often work with a double.  These repetitions show an island perception of time in a very ritualized life.  Are doubles reflections in the permanency of water?  Reflections in the gaze of the other?


About Photography 4

I parey en moniman anmenm tan en map ki an lalymier soley I pas tadan ki so lon montre direksyon kot sipoze al parey. Sculpture is like an indication kot trezor I ete.

The sculpture is like a monument, and at the same time like a map. When the sun’s rays shine through it, the shadows it casts shows the direction to go. They indicate the way to the treasure.

Leroy Jeanne,

Tuesday 20 November 2018



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